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Guest Information

Welcome to the Saratoga Golf & Polo Club. We are delighted to have you as our guest, and we hope you enjoy your visit. To ensure a pleasant experience for all, we kindly request that all members and their guests adhere to our expectations regarding behavior and dress code.

Directions & Contacts

Saratoga Golf & Polo Club is centrally located just 40 minutes north of Albany, New York, and less than 3 miles from Saratoga Race Course.

Saratoga Golf & Polo Club
301 Church Street

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Proshop: 518.584.8122
Clubhouse: 518.584.8121

Guest Expectations

Guests visiting the Saratoga Golf & Polo Club must follow the same Rules of Conduct as members, including signing in before using sports facilities, following rules of etiquette for all activities, being responsible for their children at all times, and avoiding cellphone use in public areas. The full Rules of Conduct are available upon request.

Pace of Play

The Club has established a pace of play for 9 holes to be 1 hour and 30 minutes, and for 18 holes to be 3 hours or less. Ready golf is encouraged and expected when circumstances require. Groups are expected to be conscious of their position on the course at all times and considerate of groups behind them. Groups are asked to respect all staff requests to maintain a proper pace.

Dress Code


Saratoga Golf & Polo Club Dress Code

Baseball/athletic hats may only be worn in the Golf Shop, Grille Room, and locker rooms. Prohibited dress includes sweatpants, tank tops, halter tops, and cutoffs. Swimwear is confined to the pool area. Denim jeans are allowed from November through March only.


All Golfers: The dress code applies to all golf practice areas as well as the course. No blue denim at any time. No joggers, workout, or athleisure clothing. Caps are to be worn brim forward. Appropriate golf shoes or approved shoes are required on the golf course and practice areas.

Gentlemen: Acceptable attire is a golf shirt with sleeves, collar, mock neck, and turtleneck sweater. Shirts must be tucked into slacks or Bermuda/walking shorts and knickers.

Ladies: Acceptable attire is a collared golf shirt or collarless golf shirt with sleeves, vest, and sweater. Golf slacks, shorts, skorts, or skirts long enough to be modest.


Tennis: Tennis shirt, tennis skirt, tennis shorts, tennis shoes.

Paddle Tennis: Athletic attire, including athletic shorts, athletic shirt, workout clothing, and warm-up attire; tennis shoes or non-marking athletic shoes.


Lunch: Casual style clothing (e.g., slacks, Bermuda/walking shorts, collared sport style men’s shirts, sweaters, golf skirts, tennis attire, etc.) is appropriate dress for both indoor and outdoor dining.

Dinner:  Smart casual dress including pants, sweaters, buttoned-down shirts with collars for men and pants, skirts, sweaters, blouses, and dresses for women. In the Ostrander Dining Room, men and boys aged 12 and older must wear a jacket and collared shirt. Women shall wear corresponding dressy attire.